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Here at Tule Afya we strongly believe in taking care of our Earth and its Natural resources. Being one of the newest direct receivers and handlers of fresh produce in Nairobi, we make it our duty to set the example of respecting the importance our environment holds.

We encourage the use and consumption of locally grown produce and put forth much effort in the marketing of Organic Certified Organic Produce.

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  • 10 Tomatoes
  • 500gr Mushrooms
  • 1kg Sukuma
  • 1kg Spinach
  • 500gr Strawberry
  • 1kg Banana
  • 12pkt Eggs
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  • 20 Tomatoes
  • 1kg Mushrooms
  • 2kg Sukuma
  • 2kg Spinach
  • 1kg Strawberry
  • 2kg Banana
  • 18pkt Eggs
Ksh 2,431
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  • 30 Tomatoes
  • 2kg Mushrooms
  • 4kg Sukuma
  • 4kg Spinach
  • 2kg Strawberry
  • 4kg Banana
  • 30 Eggs crate
Ksh 4,650
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    Browse our daily fresh products and add them to your shopping cart. Follow the online steps and we deliver your order to your home or office. Of course you also can pick it up at our pick up points.

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    Once your order is placed you'll receive an email with instructions how to pay with MPesa. Of course it's also possible to pay cash when you come and pick your order.

  • Delivery within 3hrs

    We will deliver your order within 3hrs (in Nairobi) after payment is received. Our driver will contact you for directions (if needed). Always check your order if everything is in order.

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Why developing countries should…..

Industrial agriculture – farming that involves the intensive production of livestock, poultry, fish and crops – is one of the most environmentally destructive forms of land use. It depends on mechanisation and on inputs like synthetic fertiliser and harmful pesticides and herbicides and has led to widespread contamination of soil and water. It also relies on just a few major crops like wheat, maize, soybean and rice, the seeds of which are owned by a mere handful of companies.

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